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Friday, May 15, 2015

Gardenia de Tahiti by Lentheric c1934

Gardenia de Tahiti by Lentheric: launched in 1934 in France. In USA by 1935.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a heady floral fragrance for women. I had a tiny sample of this and in my opinion, it smelled like a sweet, buttery monoi oil with a hint of warm woods.
  • Top notes: aldehydes and coconut
  • Middle notes: tiare flower, gardenia, ylang ylang and jasmine
  • Base notes: civet, amber, sandalwood

Sunset, 1934:
"Each time the blend was perfected a little more, until finally it was pronounced by experts to be a perfect symphony of fragrances. Now, 'Gardenia de Tahiti', as it is called, is ready for you."

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1935:
"Lentheric's 'Gardenia de Tahiti' is being talked about wherever fastidious women gather, and it's just another very good reason why Gardenia is going to blossom-scent the air for many months to come. This perfume has all the languor and the rich, sweet lushness of romantic South Sea a magic love philter, only a few precious drops to induce a spell of laden it is with the dreamy, ripe essence of gardenia. This presentation of Lentheric's 'Gardenia de Tahiti' is now available in one and two ounce packages."

The Sportswoman, 1936:
"The success story of gardenia has had a new chapter created by Lentheric with the addition of gardenia- scented toiletries to supplement "Gardenia de Tahiti " perfume and bouquet. These additions include bath powder, talcum, sachet..."

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1939:
"Lentheric is featuring the "Triangle de Fleurs" package as appropriate for Easter, the bride, or as a hostess gift at a gift price of five dollars. ... Two variations are presented: Carnation, Lilac, and Jasmin, and Muguet, Violette and Gardenia."


Frosted Stopper Parfum Bottle:

Gardenia de Tahiti parfum (extrait) was presented in two sizes:
  • 1/2 oz
  • 1 oz 
  • 2 oz
The 1 oz bottle retailed for $7.00 and the 2 oz bottle retailed for $12.50 in 1935. In 1936, a 1/2 oz bottle was introduced for $4.00, while a purse size bottle could be had for $2.25 and a dram (1/8 oz) was just $1.25.

Art Deco clear glass bottle with stepped frosted glass stopper. dates to the 1930s. Bottle also used for other Lentheric perfumes.

Controlled Bubble Parfum Flacon:
Also presented in a controlled bubble glass bottle, made in Czechoslovakia in 1935. This bottle can be found in different colors for different perfumes by Lentheric, cerulean blue for Miracle, softened rose for Lotus D'Or, green for Le Pirate, green for Au Fil de L'Eau, green for Foret Vierge, mirror clear for Asphodele, champagne for Tweed, Numero Douze in amber and Gardenia de Tahiti in orchid by 1936. Bottle stands 4" tall. The bottle for Gardenia de Tahiti retailed for $9.00 in 1936.

Orrefors Crystal Parfum Flacons:

In 1936, a trio of crystal bottles was introduced manufactured by Orrefors to hold Tweed, Gardenia de Tahiti and Miracle. Each bottle was etched with a different design on the front and was topped by a frosted glass spire like stopper. The vaulted top box was covered in silver and blue paper. The bottles are often unmarked for the Orrefors name and simply had hang tags which were usually lost over time, so most people are unaware that these were used by Lentheric.

Bouquet Lentheric Flacons:

A long lasting cologne housed in a fluted bottle available in 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz sizes. Also sold in exquisite Orrefors hand etched crystal decanters in the 4 oz and 8 oz sizes, a sweet little faux flower corsage was tied around the neck of the bottle.

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown.

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