Gardenia de Tahiti by Lentheric c1935

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Gardenia de Tahiti by Lentheric: launched in 1935.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? Like a sweet, buttery monoi oil.
  • Top notes: aldehydes and coconut
  • Middle notes: tiare flower, gardenia, ylang ylang and jasmine
  • Base notes: civet, amber, sandalwood

Sunset, 1934:
"Each time the blend was perfected a little more, until finally it was pronounced by experts to be a perfect symphony of fragrances. Now, Gardenia de Tahiti, as it is called, is ready for you."

The Sportswoman, 1936:
"The success story of gardenia has had a new chapter created by Lentheric with the addition of gardenia- scented toiletries to supplement " Gardenia de Tahiti " perfume and bouquet. These additions include bath powder, talcum, sachet..."

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1939:
"Lentheric is featuring the "Triangle de Fleurs" package as appropriate for Easter, the bride, or as a hostess gift at a gift price of five dollars. ... Two variations are presented: Carnation, Lilac, and Jasmin, and Muguet, Violette and Gardenia."


Art Deco clear glass bottle with stepped frosted glass stopper. dates to the 1930s. Bottle also used for other Lentheric perfumes.

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown.

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