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Thursday, May 31, 2018

La Danse des Parfums Lentheric c1936

La Danse des Parfums Lentheric, was an elaborate semi-classical dance program interpreting the leading Lentheric perfumes - Tweed, Shanghai, a Bientot, Miracle,  Anticipation, Numero Douze, Carnation and Muguet, all within the span of one hour. The performances were a way to express the individuality and mood of each perfume employing a three dimensional effect. Exquisite stage costumes, beautiful lighting effects, and appropriate music combined to make for a outstanding program. These performances were a promotional plan offered to the leading department stores, such as Block's and John Wanamakers, to advertise the Lentheric perfumes. 

The promotion was of one week's duration and within the time an average of three or four ballet performances were given.  These were generally held in the store's auditorium, but in cases the store did not have such a room, a hotel ballroom was rented. 

Considerable marketing was used to promote the program, large newspaper ads were placed to draw the public's attention as an important event with educational and cultural value. Invitations to select women's clubs and charge account customers of the store requesting their presence at the first performance, which was billed as a pre-view. Additional performances were announced for the general public. 

It was customary for the department store to use six display windows to showcase each perfume and the fashion and ballet performance it represented. Free tickets to the show were offered in the perfumery departments. Door prizes were awarded at the close of each performance.

M. Durel Dugas, working as commentator, explained the history and background of each perfume, and also invited women of the audience to receive her own perfume personality analysis to help them choose the correct perfume and makeup. Dugas assisted with sales after the performance in the toiletries department.

  • M. Durel Dugas, Perfume Stylist & Commentator
  • Harold C. Martins, Art Director, Cleveland Ballet Co.
  • Sergei B. Popeloff, Maitre de Ballet, Cleveland Ballet Co.

Renowned ballet dancers Pamela Nape &  Jane Burkhalter performed solo and duet in the program.

The perfume of Tweed was expressed as a carefree outdoorsy scent, and Miss Burkhalter wore the brilliant plaids of Scotland while she danced a sprightly pizzicato. For the perfume Shanghai, Miss Nape wore a luxuriant costume of a Chinese princess while dancing an exotic eastern style.

The perfume Miracle, originally created for Lady Diana Manners in her starring role for the play, The Miracle, was represented by Miss Burkhalter.

Miss Nape, wore a shimmering costume to represent the youthful vitality of Anticipation, against a background of Paris.

Miss Burkhalter wore a gown of violet with trailing scarves of gray, chartreuse and American Beauty (I assume this was a deep rose color) while interpreting the personality of A Bientot, which was Lentheric's newest perfume at the time. This color scheme was also used in Lentheric's Paris salon.

The closing number of the ballet for Numero Douze, was interpreted by both Miss Nape and Miss Burkhalter. Miss Nape danced the part of a peasant bride while Miss Burkhalter danced her art as her reflection in the mirror on her wedding day. the dance unfolded the reluctance of the bride to relinquish the laughter of her girlhood and she shared her mood with her reflection in the mirror as she puts the finishing touches to her toilette.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Anticipation c1937

Anticipation by Lentheric: launched in 1937.

Au Fil de L'Eau c1885

Au Fil de L'Eau by Lentheric: launched in 1885, relaunched in 1925. The name means "With the Current" or "Tide".

"Le monde des affaires en France de 1830 à nos jours" by Jacques Boudet reported that Au Fil de L'Eau was one of the favorite fragrances of the Queen of Spain. The publication also mentioned that "La Féria", was designed specifically for the Czar of Russia, who wanted to give it to the dames d'honneur. The ladies of honor at the imperial court of Russia were aristocratic ladies in service to the court with the women of the imperial family and organized according to the strict hierarchy of table rows created by Peter the Great.

I have also seen some Lentheric perfume advertisements that mentioned that Lotus d'Or was Au Fil de L'Eau, so perhaps Au Fil de L'Eau was renamed Lotus D'Or or they were sold under different names in different countries. Both of the perfumes were housed in the same flacon.

Harper's Bazaar, 1931:
"Lentheric is the creator of parfums Lotus d'Or, Miracle, Asphodèle, Pirate, Forêt Vierge, and Au Fil de L'eau, and a complete assortment of dressing table, bath and handbag requisites featured at stores of distinction."

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Bientot by Lentheric c1938

A Bientot by Lentheric: launched in 1938. The name means "See you again soon" in French.

In 1938, it was said to be "translated into the best American slang, "I'll be seeing you", reflects characteristics truly American - vigor, vitality, and personality and may be worn most suitably from early afternoon through the evening."

When this perfume was being introduced at the perfume counter at the Abraham & Straus department store in New York City, women could pick up a complimentary vial of the perfume, and then customers were being advised to order the 'A Bientot Cocktail', specially created for the perfume, the next time they visited the St. George Hotel's Bermuda Room, as well as to see how the colors of the famous dining room was worked out to harmonize with the packaging for 'A Bientot'.

"Dry and heady as champagne - it's your cocktail aura."

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Halley Perfume by Lentheric c1911

Halley Perfume by Lentheric: launched in 1911.

Created in honor of Halley's Comet. The perfume was presented in a Bohemian glass bottle engraved with a comet with it's trail.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Confetti by Lentheric c1940

Confetti by Lentheric: launched in 1940.

Tweed by Lentheric c1933

Tweed by Lentheric: launched in France in 1933. It was not introduced in America until 1935.

Tweed was released under the name Risque Tout when exported to Europe, Central and South America.

Shanghai by Lentheric c1936

Shanghai by Lentheric: launched in 1936. Originally named Cœur de Paris and launched in 1911. Cœur de Paris was renamed Shanghai in 1936 and was repackaged in a beautiful Chinese styled vase.

Dark Brilliance by Lentheric c1946

Dark Brilliance by Lentheric: launched in 1946.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Risqué Tout by Lentheric c1935

Risqué Tout by Lentheric: launched in 1935. The name means "Risk Everything!" in French. The perfume was marketed as "Tweed" in the USA. Risque Tout was the name used in Europe, Central and South America.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lentheric Boursette Evening Bag c1936

Pampa Daily News, 1936:
"Lentheric's Evening Bag elegance. LENTHERIC has created "Boursette"—a dainty wisp of a bag to accompany you on festive occasions. Metallic threads weave a leafy tracery over a background of either white or black brocade. Fitted with double streamline vanity, matching lipstick, and petit flacon of perfume. Also comb and mirror. Complete — $10."

Harper's Bazaar - Volume 71, 1937:
 "Boursette". Envelope evening bag, in White or Black Lame, fitted with parfum Tweed, single Streamline Vanity and matching Lipstick $12.50."

Gay Gift Perfume Presentation c1944

Gay Gift was a perfume presentation from 1944. These were packaged in a tiny pale blue shadow-box, displaying a boutonniere that can be detached and worn on lapel is the Christmas gift item Lentheric featured for three miniature bottles of its leading perfumes, "Tweed," "A Beintot" and "Confetti."