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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Anticipation c1937

Anticipation by Lentheric: launched in 1937.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It was described as "brisk and citrus", "exotic",  "musky", "peppery", "floral" and "spicy" in old magazines and newspaper articles.

A vintage 1938 newspaper article described the perfume as "formality in fragrance, expressed in a contrasting pattern of light and shade, a dancing, piquant note against a deep, rich background."

Another 1938 newspaper article describes Anticipation as "the perfume created for the women with a jaded perfume appetite, has a base of Javanese wood oil, the costliest of perfume bases."

Based on these descriptions, I would say that it was probably a semi-oriental spicy, woody floral perfume for women.
  • Top notes: citrus
  • Middle notes: spices, pepper, floral notes
  • Base notes: woods, oakmoss, musk

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1937:
"With all the enthusiasm for the new and exciting in perfume, don't overlook Lentheric's "Anticipation:. It's a gorgeous perfume for the very smart, with a fragrance destined to become the most favored of Lentheric perfumes. Flower notes are present in "Anticipation", but the deep-toned background is due to unusual essences that would be generally unknown, such as a certain Javanese wood and a fascinating variety of moss. "Anticipation" is being presented in a kidskin covered box, satin lined with a chaste gold clasp at $35 and $60."


Anticipation is presented in a white kid leather covered box, satin lined, closed with a chaste gold clasp. The crystal flacon is also graceful and simple in its lines and has a plain gold cap to match the clasp of the box. Contrary to belief, this high quality bottle was not made by Baccarat as it is not listed in the collector's book "Baccarat: The Perfume Bottles", put put by the glass company themselves. I believe it was made by Verreries Brosse, who made several of Lentheric's crystal bottles.

 Originally in 1937, only two sizes for the parfum were available — 2.75 oz and 6 oz. The 2.75 oz size bottle has an inner glass stopper with a brass over cap. The 2.75 oz size stands 3.25" tall and retailed for $35.00 in 1937. The larger size bottle retailed for $60.

By 1938, a smaller size, 1 oz was available for sale. It retailed for $15.00.

The early bottles for the Bouquet Lentheric toilet water have an inner brass screw cap and can be found either with a confetti embedded Lucite over cap. The 4 oz bottle stands about 5.25" tall. The 8 oz size stands about 6.5" tall.

Fate of the Fragrance:

Discontinued, date unknown.

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